81 Little Things That Could Mean a Lot to Your Kids

As they say, it’s the little things in life that truly matter. Somehow, kids seem to understand this philosophy right from their mother’s womb. Unlike adults, they make little things count. We would fall short of words if we were asked to give a description of the million little things that they love.

So, let’s get some insight on 81 little things that could mean a lot to your kids.

  1. Drop a note in their lunch box letting them know how much you love them. It’s a surefire way to brighten up a kid’s day. Expect hugs and kisses once they return from school.
  2. Invite their friends for a get-together-party to surprise your little ones. They will surely be overjoyed with the surprise.
  3. Let them play out in the rain even if it means getting muddy from head to toe.
  4. Let them wear their favorite attire even if there is no special occasion or event.
  5. Give them a greeting card and personalize it till there’s no more space to write anything.
  6. Make a frame of their childhood photos and place them in their room before they wake up.
  7. For a change, start a pillow fight with them. Just choose something sturdier than toddler pillows. So, wear your pajamas, remove your glasses, and let the fight begin.
  8. Let them watch their favorite TV show without interruption. Just refuse to be mad at them for extending their screen time.
  9. Gifts that come from the parent’s heart are priceless. Give them something that they have been pestering you for so long.
  10. Share your old pictures when you were of their age. Sometimes, the uncanny resemblance can shock them.
  11. Go for a walk with them and let them stomp in every puddle along the road. Don’t say a word. As a matter of fact, you can join the fun.
  12. Surprise them by taking them to the nearest amusement park rides. Don’t tell them about your plans beforehand. You can mask the truth by telling them that you are meeting up with an old friend. Unveil the truth once you guys reach the spot.
  13. If you are passing by a garden, stop right there and let them have a merry time without any time restriction. Give them the freedom to have plenty of fun.
  14. Learn something from your kids. Yes, reverse the table. Let’s see what the kids can teach you. For a change, they would be happy to be in the driver’s seat.
  15. Take them for a ride and stop by an ice-cream shop. Let them enjoy the ride as well as the ice-cream.
  16. Change the wallpaper on your laptop, desktop computer, and mobile screen. Replace the existing ones with your kid’s pictures.
  17. Buy a prince or a princess crown and spend some selfie moments with them. Upload the pictures on popular social networking sites and share all the positive comments with them.
  18. Hide little notes at places where your kids are expected to visit at least once a day. Write something cheerful or positive about them in the notes.
  19. Have the heart to say “yes” to something that you must have said “no” at least a hundred times in the past. Of course, the request has to be within reason.
  20. Leave a mystery gift box in their bedroom. Let them be surprised.
  21. Postpone your work to spend time with your little one. They will surely appreciate your gesture.
  22. Play their favorite music and dance with them. Have a gala time and don’t stop the music until you guys are too tired to carry on.
  23. Remind them of the praise their teachers might have given them in the past. The constant reminder will make them feel good about themselves.
  24. Prepare a special meal for them. It could be chocolate pancakes or anything else that they love to the core.
  25. Get them a pet. They will see a companion in a pet to play along. Surely, they are going to have a merry time with the pet.
  26. Give them their favorite story books and read out the stories to them.
  27. Find time to play cards or board games with them. Give them the gift of time they deserve.
  28. Dig out the old Halloween costumes from the closet and be ready to enjoy a gala time with your kids.
  29. Videotape their poems or songs and play it loud in the house for everyone in the family to hear and praise your little ones.
  30. Get them involved in cooking. Buy a little apron to give them a nice feel, and get your little helper do minor cooking chores. Make them feel that it would not have been possible to prepare the dish without them.
  31. Play outside with them. Hop on a bike, throw the ball around or simply run with them.
  32. Kids love their grandma and grandpa. Invite them to your house to surprise your little ones.
  33. Even if you don’t like movies, get them the tickets and join them for the show.
  34. Give life to their old paintings by pasting their artwork on cupboards and fridge. There is no better way to make them feel happy and proud.
  35. Design a T-shirt. Use their handprints on the t-shirt. If you don’t want to ruin a nice t-shirt, grab a plain t-shirt from a nearby dollar store.
  36. Play indoor bowling with your kids. Knock off some empty plastic bottles.
  37. Pass an indoor home tunnel. Make a tunnel from cardboard, pillows and other household items and create a human tunnel.
  38. Go planting. It’s an easy activity and a perfect way to nourish their love for the environment. Let them track the progress. What started as a fun-filled venture might take a serious direction when the seeds pop out of the soil.
  39. Go shopping with them. Of course, the spending has to be within the budget. That being said; stretch your budget a little bit if he/she is really glued to a toy.
  40. Play doctor. Pretend as if you are a doctor and examine your kid’s plush toys. Switch roles and let them be the doctor as well.
  41. Hug and kiss them. Physical expression of love goes a long way in leaving a positive footprint in their hearts. Get down to their level to hug them.
  42. Always wear a smile on your face whenever your kids approach you. In reply, they are sure to return a million dollar smile.
  43. Spend quality time with them. If you give them the gift of time, it would prove to be the most valuable gift for them.
  44. Make bedtime special for them by reading them novels and stories or by sharing memorable moments of your life. As we know, little bedtime stories create memories that often last till a person’s dying breath.
  45. Choose a nearby spot for camping. The little creatures along the camping trial can occupy hours of their time, leaving them with fun-filled moments.
  46. Turn off the smartphone and give them the full attention they truly deserve. Kids would be so happy to discuss what happened at school when they are sure that the smartphone won’t interrupt them.
  47. Learn to make some funny faces to entertain them. It won’t cost you a dime and it will keep your kids entertained.
  48. Take a selfie together and give them your smartphone to take the pictures. Tell them that they did a good job.
  49. Within reason, come home early from work to spend time with them.
  50. Give them some extra pocket money and let them have a treat of their choice.
  51. Learn some basic card tricks by watching online videos, and teach them the tricks as well.
  52. Take them into your yard and let them enjoy the time with the water sprinkler.
  53. Find a local charitable organization and serve the community along with your kids. The kids will not only have a good day, but they will also learn some valuable lessons.
  54. Laugh at his/her jokes even if it does not make any sense. At least, they will feel happy and not discouraged.
  55. Lie beside them in the dark at bedtime and tell them how lucky you are for having them in your life.
  56. Watch a Disney movie with them. They will surely have a great time. Keep the popcorns ready.
  57. Post a letter addressing them in the mailbox. A surprise letter will surely blow their minds.
  58. Take them to a kid’s library and let them spend a good time over there. You never know, your kid might turn into a bookworm after the library visit.
  59. Make paper planes and let them launch plenty of them through the windows. We all have some best memories of paper planes, isn’t it?
  60. Go to the farm and introduce them to the animals over there. It will cost you peanuts, if the farm is nearby.
  61. Go to the seaside along with them. It would prove to be great fun walking along the beach side. Let them collect pebbles and shells and play with their favorite beach toys.
  62. Hide some treats around the house and play treasure hunt with them. It will require some work on your part, but it will be worth the effort.
  63. Get a world map and start hunting countries with them. The map will not only keep them entertained, but it will also offer a wealth of geographical information.
  64. Go fishing with them. Kids especially love fishing kayaks. Applaud them every time they catch a fish in their little trap.
  65. Jump into the nearby pond. Sweep the net for information on a nearby pond and go diving with your little ones. Of course, keep their safety in mind while they are around deep water, as it’s a vastly different experience than playing in a kiddie pool.
  66. Go star spotting at night and give them important information about the constellations. Tell them that a star is waiting to be named by them.
  67. Take them to a painting workshop or a contest. If your kids paint well, enroll their name as well.
  68. Wave them from the window whenever you see them leave or arrive.
  69. It might be tempting to run errands while your kid is at an extracurricular class. However, it would mean the world to him/her if you attend.
  70. Decorate their bathroom mirror. Use a marker or a lipstick for the same. It would prove to be a cool early morning surprise for them.
  71. Use window marker to write your kid’s name on the car glasses. Keep honking till it draws your kid’s attention from the window.
  72. Decorate their bedroom with balloons and ribbons when they are asleep for an early morning wake-up surprise.
  73. Share their birth story with them.
  74. Fill their closet with balloons. The balloons will pop out once they open the closets.
  75. Give them a 5 minute massage. A head massage will also do.
  76. Celebrate. Don’t downplay any of their achievements at school or at the playground. Let them feel successful by celebrating the moment.
  77. The smell of the rain and the frogs croak can be best experienced in a park. So, take them to a nearby park.
  78. Feed them with their favorite dessert. If their tummy is happy, they will be happy as well.
  79. Don’t brush off their concerns. They might seem tiny to you, but they could be a big deal for them. So, do them a favor by offering a listening ear.
  80. Hold family meetings every week. Let kids come up with their own ideas and plans. Take their suggestions seriously to make them feel special and important.
  81. Let them handle minor household tasks and feel good about it. You can also reward them with money for their efforts so that they learn the importance of hard work since an early age. Get them a piggy bank to store their valued earnings.

Last Words

Don’t underestimate the power of little things. These little things can definitely go a long way in helping them savor ordinary moments in life. After all, love, affection, and kindness bestowed on kids can make ordinary things extremely extraordinary. Let them treasure the little moments forever.

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