Toys and Brain Development in Children – Less Known Benefits

When we look back at our lives, we realize that some toys are worth being eternally grateful. Maybe, we have some fond memories attached to the toys, or we simply have them as a collection unit in our house. Whatever the reason maybe, we know for a fact that kids generally keep a close eye on their toys. Oddly enough, they don’t even realize that the toys that are safeguarding can do so much good for their brain development.

Believe it or not, toys are the kid’s tool to develop their mind and body. The best part is that science backs this statement. Playful toys, such as ride-on toys are found to have a positive effect on a child’s brain. They play a functional role in molding a child’s behavior and their ability to learn.

As a matter of fact, it has been observed that kids pay better attention to academic tasks if they are provided with frequent breaks for playtime. For example, school kids in Japan are given a break of 5 to 10 minutes after every class that lasts no more than 50 minutes at a stretch. Guess what? Academic wise, they are one of the best achievers in the world.

Toys contribute to the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and intellectual growth of a child. With regards to emotional benefits, it reduces fear, anxiety, stress and irritability. With regards to social benefits, toys create openness and increase attachment.

Interestingly, a kid’s first step towards independence is displayed through his/her attachment towards the toys. They also improve nonverbal skills and make a child more compassionate. The physical benefits are plentiful as well as they increase a child’s mobility, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor exploration.

According to several studies, kids exposed to a variety of toys from an early age are more likely to have higher IQ levels. The broad varieties of toys do a remarkable job of ensuring that the neutral pathways to our brain are suitably strengthened and developed.

As you can see, it’s abundantly clear that toys do a great deal for the brain development in children. As someone rightly said, “You can discover more about an individual in an hour of play than in mere conversation for months.” So, toys go beyond the instant fun element. They set the stage for subsequent brain development.

It could be language development, personal limits, social rules, or something else that matters. Just like music, some toys activate every area of the brain. It’s as good as saying that they train every muscle in the brain. Strong learning foundations set the path for creative thinking and cognitive development if educational toys are part and parcel of the kid’s play routine.

Kids who do not get ample play opportunities run the risk of impaired brain development. This conclusion is based on studies conducted on animals. Today’s hi-tech toys do introduce our kids to technology from a very early age. As long as they leave a positive footprint on our kid’s brain, it’s only a favor to us.

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