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10 Proven Benefits of Yoga for Your Kids

Childhood is fun. We think that the moon is following us wherever our car goes. We do not spit the chewing gum even after we have sucked the life out of it. We pee in the swimming pool. Oops… admitted it by mistake! Being weird without being high on drugs is one of the side-effects […]

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15 Amazing Benefits of Martial Arts for Your Zestful Kids

You don’t need a weapon when you are one. This statement in itself sums up a lot about the benefits of martial arts training. Unless your kid is naturally inclined towards art, it’s ten times better to enroll him for martial arts training as opposed to forcing his steps to the art class. From conflict […]

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8 Fun Water Games for Your Playful Kids

Yes, kids love technology, but they are a huge fan of water games as well. As such, we don’t play water games to test the waters but to create waves of happiness. So, let’s explore some fun water games for our playful kids. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to get tickets to the amusement […]

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3 Flavorsome Slow Cooker Recipes for Kids

If you have a food critic in your house, you better don’t drop your guard. We present to you some flavorsome slow cooker recipes that are perfect for your picky eaters. After all, your kids need something yummy at the eating table after a hard day’s play or study. So, let’s get going. Slow-Cooker Beef […]

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How to Persuade Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food over Junk Food

We don’t want our kids to give up on their favorite food. We just want to make it healthier. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds because there is a twist to this tale. Time-honored tradition says that kids don’t like anything healthy. Rebellious as they are, they will always choose junk foods over […]

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