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How to Persuade Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food over Junk Food

We don’t want our kids to give up on their favorite food. We just want to make it healthier. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds because there is a twist to this tale. Time-honored tradition says that kids don’t like anything healthy. Rebellious as they are, they will always choose junk foods over […]

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Safe Swaddling Tips: Easiest Ways to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling is a common practice when bringing your new bundle of joy home from the hospital. It reminds baby of being in mom’s womb so he feels safe and cozy and can fall asleep and stay asleep easily. The problem is, many parents don’t know the right way to swaddle baby and they don’t realize […]

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7 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Toys Organized

Kids and toys are inseparable. As much as kids love their toys, they don’t care much about their upkeep. More than often, their toys are seen all over the place. Organizational skills are definitely not in their books. To top it all, there is hardly a one-place-fits-all toy storage space in our house. So, how […]

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81 Little Things That Could Mean a Lot to Your Kids

As they say, it’s the little things in life that truly matter. Somehow, kids seem to understand this philosophy right from their mother’s womb. Unlike adults, they make little things count. We would fall short of words if we were asked to give a description of the million little things that they love. So, let’s […]

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