8 Ways That Kids Can Earn Money

Literally, the ENTIRE world is chasing money, including those who are unemployed by choice, laziness, or work-boredom. One day, our little ones will join the chase as well. After all, money is a necessary evil. Well, if you want them to pull the trigger right away, then let’s take a look at some practical money making methods for kids that actually work.

Start a Blog

Blogging is hands down one of the coolest ways to make money today. The trick over here would be to blog about one’s passion and earn money at the same time. No pun intended! If they happen to do very well, they will never have to look for a day job. It could prove to be a self-winning path to financial freedom.

Household Chores

Starting off in-house would be a great idea. Reward them with a small chunk of change for basic household chores such as cleaning dishes, arranging the bed, keeping toys in the closet, etc. Getting involved in household chores to bump their pocket money will encourage good work ethics in them. The older they get, the more chores they can do, and earn more as well.

Helping Neighbors

Why not help them out to fill the little piggy bank? Elderly neighbors can always take a bit of a helping hand from your kids for a small fee. Kids would love the fact that their time, attention, and presence are being rewarded. Of course, make sure that you don’t have a big mouth, troublesome neighbors!

Babysit Kids

If your kids are mature and reliable enough, they can babysit smaller kids. It would prove to be an easy affair for them, since they can play around with smaller kids, and still get paid. When the word spreads out, they will get more kids to babysit.

Walk the Dog

Taking the dog out for a walk is actually quite an enterprising business model. Yes, there are companies out there that provide such a service. If your kids love dogs, this will prove to be a nice money making venture for them.

Resell Items

Most of us are used to living amidst stuff that we don’t use. Kids can sell these unused items on eBay, Craigslist, and other popular classified websites to churn the money wheels. It will make them money and help you get rid of poor, useless stuff.

Car Wash

Kids can get together with few friends and clean cars in the neighborhood. There is no startup cost involved over here, and some guys pay upfront as soon as the work is accomplished. Kids can go door-to-door to find clients. Of course, it’s advisable to start with people whom they already know.

Newspaper Delivery

Newspaper delivery would prove to be a nice small-gig for your kids in the vacation. This job has been road-tested by boatloads of kids. Many newspaper agencies hire youngsters for this job. Goes without saying, your kids should have no problems waking up early because papers should reach people’s houses early in the morning.

Last Words

Kids should not be forced to work, even if your bank balance is small and shrinking. The balance of power should rest in their hands. After all, their willingness to work is of paramount importance over here. They should be inevitably excited about setting their own financial goals. Moreover, their money making endeavor should not get in their way of being kids. They should have loads of fun while making money.

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