A Few Key Reasons Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Avoid Sports

Doubts have murdered many dreams. Not introducing sports to kids have been an equal offender. In the bigger spectrum of life, sports can go far beyond personal joy. Every time a championship cup is raised, the whole nation rejoices.

With no regrets left on the field, a champion is born every once a while because he/she was introduced to sports at a very raw age by a parent or a guardian. Brave or weak, it’s the champion in the making at the moment. So, don’t fret yet as we introduce to you the top 3 reasons why your kids shouldn’t avoid playing sports.

New Life Booster

Contrary to popular beliefs, sports commitment does not mean compromised academic performance. Several sources state that getting kids involved in sports can actually boost their academic performance. The benefits of an athletic life through the schooling years somehow counterbalance the hurdles they present. It drives them to learn faster and perform better.

Moreover, it has been noted that kids who are into competitive sports are more likely to indulge in positive behaviors, and stay away from drugs and other harmful-for-health substances. So, the risk of substance abuse is lowered with a kid’s association with sports.

Not to forget the fact that athletic kids are prone to stay healthy and in good shape even when they are out of the high school. High blood pressure and other health ailments can also be prolonged later on in life by playing sports from a very early age.

Moreover, kids who are into sports are found to be high on self-esteem and confidence. Apart from this, sports also offer mental relaxation by providing relief from stress and anxiety.

Any worries from home are generally dumped in the playground. To sum up, sports do a lot for the mental and physical wellbeing of the child.

From Nobody to Somebody

Every Olympic winner out there was once an unknown child messing around with his/her favorite toy in the backyard. Before they gifted their nation with the prestigious medal, they made an advance payment in the form of countless training hours.

In some cases, an unacceptable amount of blood, sweat, and occasional tears went into the victory. In the end, all the private turmoil was worth it. Not every kid out there would be brave, strong or talented enough from the early years of life.

However, tabooing sports from your kid’s life would mean depriving self-development. In some cases, it would also mean depriving our nation of another prestigious medal. After all, quite a few of the famous sportsperson out there were once considered to be a bum before they made it big in their respective sports.

The journey from nobody to somebody can be best started early on in life by introducing them to their favorite sports. You never know what future could have in store for them. Your little one could be the next champion of the world. It all starts with getting started when they are quite raw.

Sports Builds Character

Nearly 25 years back history was created, never to be forgotten. Buster Douglas became the first guy on the face on this planet to take down the seemingly indestructible and undefeated champion of the world, Mike Tyson.

Buster Douglas already had ample baggage on his shoulders when he entered the ring. He was an underdog, his son was ill, his wife had left him, and his mother had died just 23 days prior to the fight. To top it all, Mike Tyson knocked him down in the eighth round.

The next move shocked the whole world. Buster Douglas got back up on his feats. Anybody who got knocked down by Mike Tyson in his prime had never ever gotten back up. The rest is history. The unbending resilience of Buster Douglas paid off. The 42-to-1 underdog defeated Mike Tyson by stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.

Sport is a game of passion, commitment, dedication, and discipline. Moreover, a sport introduces a person to adversity. Since a sportsman’s life is filled with victory and failures, every failure inspires him/her to work harder. Sometimes they win, sometimes they learn.

For a major event such as Olympics, they get one shot at victory once in every four years. It tests their patience and mental toughness to the extreme. So, a sport inculcates a lot of qualities in a kid from a very raw age.

Each day they make some deposits in their memory banks as they head out to play a competitive game. It teaches them to take calculative risks and to be fearless since they get used to the butterflies moment before every major event.

Moreover, it teaches them how to accept defeat with grace. Basically, sports help a child build a good character from a very early age that can help them in all walks of life down the road.

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